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Water is an essential element of  life. We find it in the office, at home, in the restaurant etc.

Water help weight loss. For example it helps to eliminate toxins, to re-hydrate, to fight against the cutaneous ageing or to clear up the complexion. 

Water has so many virtues or properties which vary from one spring to another. It is important to recognize them. 


To be or not Minéral?

Natural mineral water

Natural mineral water benefits from properties, favorable to the health, which are officially recognized. Be careful, on the other hand certain waters contain elements which taken in large quantities or daily can be fatal. Composition must be guaranteed as well as the consistency of the set of qualitative criteria, temperature of the water, mineral analysis, visual aspect, taste. 

It undergoes numerous daily controls and can come only from a single source. In France, there are 1200 mineral springs.  When water is classified as being in the public interest, it must be respect a perimeter of protection. Any underground working in this perimeter requires a preliminary license. 

When water travels underground, it can absorbes gas. Sparkling  mineral water does not have to undergo any chemical treatment. French law authorizes two treatments: elimination of the iron and regazéification. The latter has to be carried out with the gas from the source so that the water can named "mineral water strengthened with the gas from the source".

Thérapeuthiques values of certain mineral waters are used in thermal cure. Thalasso-therapy contributes also to the beneficial properties of water. 

Spring water

Spring water can result from different sources, even from remote regions. It has to be in accordance with the standards of drinking water. The exploitation of a source requires a prefectorial license and a favorable opinion of the local health and safety commitee. The composition is not obliged to be constant.













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